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The Rashtriya Indian Military College and the Indian Military Academy are two prestigious institutions where young cadets are trained to become brave officers and honourable gentlemen

10/1/2014 1:01:36 PM
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At the foothills of the Himalayas lies the Doon Valley, heavily forested and home to wildlife including leopards, deer and elephants and perhaps tigers that were at the beginning of the last century, quite prolific. This was the time when the British set up two academies that over the years have contributed some of the finest soldiers to the Indian armed forces.

The first, The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) was inaugurated on March 13, 1922 by HRH, the Prince of Wales, the eldest son of King George the V. In his inaugural address he said, “I trust that those who are responsible for the administration of this College will keep before them not only the great ideals of the public schools of England, but will also foster and maintain the fine old Indian spirit of mutual reverence, which bound together the Guru and Chela… to maintain untarnished the great martial traditions of India’s fighting men, keep unsullied the chivalry and honour which has been handed down to you as a heritage by the Indian princes and warriors of old.”

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