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Obama’s Curious Turn Of Phrase

Why the world does not trust the US?

3/17/2015 11:41:59 AM
written By : Ashali Varma Print

When President Obama spoke about how Gandhiji would have been disturbed if he lived in India today as there were many divisive elements, many of us were quite perturbed by his turn of phrase. If the President had only delved into Indian history in Gandhi’s time he would have realized that the last few years of the Mahatma’s life was spent putting out fires created by horrendous rioting between Muslims and Hindus and he was quite worried about how such divisiveness could ever be resolved.

But he needn’t have worried as India absorbed all religions and till today it is held up as an example of a country where more than 180 million Muslims live in peace even though they are a minority. In fact many world leaders have asked India, why the Muslims in India are not radicalised and part of terror networks like they are in Pakistan. Perhaps it is because we have Muslims in every walk of life be it politics, the civil service, the armed forces, business and Bollywood. One of the most admired Muslim’s in India in recent times was President Abdul Kalam. It would have been good if Obama had cared to note this.

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