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India’s Incredible Outreach

The swift and efficient handling of Operation Maitri is a shining example of the capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces, especially when it comes to handling disasters

6/2/2015 12:48:41 PM
written By : Ashali Varma Print

Who would have thought just a year ago that India had the expertise and manpower to make a huge difference in disaster relief? After all when Bombay was attacked on November 26 2008, it took forever for our commandoes to reach because they had to fly out of Delhi and a plane was not made available quick enough. And in Bombay they had no transport ready for them! This while 10 militants from Pakistan were gunning down people by the hundreds! Fortunately India has made huge progress in disaster management.
The recent earthquake in Nepal is a horrifying disaster that has left thousands dead and many more would have been left to perish if India had not been quick to send relief. Within hours Prime Minister Modi had mobilised the Armed Forces and personnel were on the ground.  
In Nepal, India is at the forefront of disaster relief. Thirty Indian Army men on Mount Everest who barely escaped death themselves when an avalanche hit base camp at 17,700 feet, worked valiantly rescuing mountaineers. They had gone there for a trek. The soldiers pulled out the injured with no regard to the dangerous conditions they were in and Dr Ritesh Goel, part of the team treated 80 people who had been injured, including foreign climbers and sherpas. Goel said that it was sheer good fortune that when the avalanche hit base camp the only tent left unharmed was the one with medical supplies. Finally, all the injured and the stranded were airlifted out and the Indian team was the last to leave.

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