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Giant Threat

Is the withdrawal from Doklam the end of China’s threats? And is there anything the world can do?

10/3/2017 6:45:52 PM
written By : Ashali Varma Print

As we celebrate the stunning work done by the Ministry of External Affairs and Ajit Doval which – together with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s own stature in the world – helped dilute the Doklam standoff, I have to say that China cannot be trusted.

I heard the Chinese spokesperson speak and, as usual, it was doublespeak. She said, “Chinese troops continue to patrol the area and continue to exercise sovereignty and territorial integrity in accordance with the historical conventions.” Opaque and terribly worded, if I may say so, but then the Chinese government is opaque, not only to the world at large, but to its own people. Thus, this weird convoluted statement is not surprising. 

That the standoff ended as the BRICS summit was about to take off in China, which Prime Minister Modi might not have attended in the event of a conflict, making China look bad to the world, proves that they respect world opinion, somewhat. Perhaps they even have a grudging admiration for our PM’s stand on the issue and his friendship with world leaders. Xi Jinping does not seem to inspire the same respect now. Not with the monster China created, North Korea, launching ballistic missiles over Japan.

China, Pakistan and North Korea are neither reliable nor trustworthy and have become even more belligerent now. It could well be the new Axis of Evil.

The Chinese One Belt One Road (OBOR) and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) need money and friendship. Pakistan is getting very nervous about CPEC and there are as many critics as there are supporters in Pakistan. Watching Pakistani news and debates on the subject is a learning experience. One debate was about how some Chinese companies that were supposed to provide power to Pakistan have decided it is not worthwhile. Others say that Pakistan’s current debt is $40 billion – and to add another $50 billion that will have to be paid back to the Chinese will bankrupt Pakistan or turn it into another province of China!

OBOR will need many countries signing on with China, and although there was initial euphoria, I am convinced there will be second thoughts along the way. Who wants to be friends with a country and trust it when it gave weapons of mass destruction to two rogue nations such as North Korea and Pakistan? China should be taken to task for nuclear proliferation. I am amazed that instead of it being treated as a pariah, the world actually made it rich by allowing it to become a global manufacturing hub!

Why is it that China was never sanctioned like South Africa was when it followed apartheid? Why were America and Europe looking the other way when they knew that China was handing over the technology for nuclear bombs to North Korea and Pakistan, which in turn helped Iran? Why was China not sanctioned for this? Why were countries allowed to trade with it? 

So what if it has nuclear bombs? Would it dare to use them? No. I am convinced Xi Jinping wants to avoid a nuclear holocaust.

China aims to become a global power but its human rights record is abysmal. Weird how no world leader will talk about this. Imagine if China becomes the leader of the free world – a country which allows no dissent, imprisons lawyers and activists, forcibly aborted millions of women and persecuted religious groups.

Goodbye to freedom.

 With its fragile ego and bullying tactics and its tendency to be a control freak, China is more of a menace than a global power. It screams from the rooftops if the Dalai Lama goes anywhere. And the world merely laughs at its antics. But North Korea is not just an antic; it is a monster created, fed and taken care of by China. Its very survival depends on China. 

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