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A Knockout Kick

Inderjeet Madan is a Taekwondo champion who achieved success on his own steam with little Government support. A sporting story that resonates throughout India and the reason why it lags in international tournaments 

4/1/2015 11:30:58 AM
written By : Ashali Varma Print

India’s youth never fail to impress with their aspirationsand their idealism and often their sheer resourcefulness to better themselves against all odds. Inderjeet Madan is one such youth who in spite of a serious injury won gold medals in national and international Taekwondo championships. These were not government sponsored but by Taekwondo academies. 

Inderjeet’s father works as a cook for a diplomat in Delhi and his mother is a housekeeper. So how did this young 27-year-old get interested in this sport?

When he was just seven years old he had a major accident - a car went over his right leg and broke it in two. After an operation and six months of bed rest he went back to school but could not play games due to the injury. It was then that his father, whose friend Surath Lama was a master in Taekwondo, requested him to teach his son the martial art.

“Through Taekwondo I was able to able to strengthen my injured leg and even compete in national championships,” he said.

But his teacher Lama urged him to give up competitive sports and become a coach as he was afraid that injuries are common in competitive sports and any injury to his right leg might debilitate him forever. Thus in grade 12, Inderjeet started coaching - mostly privately. He needed to collect money for further studies and a career and he did not want to depend on his parents, who were not well off.

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