Debashis Chatterjee

  • Bribe Culture

    30/06/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    Think of de-notification of the State Highways as an inventive method to overcome the Supreme Court order banning liquor...
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  • Greatness Guide

    31/05/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    I sat breathless by the sea shore in Cartagena in the Caribbean Coast of Columbia.  The air was filled with the voices o...
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  • Managing Emotions

    08/05/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    I was listening to Bollywood’s leading star Shahrukh Khan talk about a new generation of professional actors. These acto...
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  • Project Bliss

    01/04/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    If you want a minute of happiness, let a spoonful of ice cream melt on your tongue. The ice cream may stay a short while...
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  • Power of Parity: Hero versus She-ro

    02/03/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    In a recent conference of women CEOs, I heard that behind every successful woman at work was she herself. When I was inv...
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  • 7 Invincible Ideas To Live By In 2017

    31/01/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    Re-imagine yourself this year. Think through these seven ideas and choose which ones to embrace and implement. Here is w...
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Jamuna Pai

  • Fix It

    30/06/2017, Jamuna Pai
    Should someone with oily skin moisturise? A: Often people believe that if they have oily skin, they do not need a moistu...
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  • Young & Beautiful

    31/05/2017, Jamuna Pai
    1. Sun protection = Skin protection: If you slather on SPF protection only when you are outdoors it is not enough. It is...
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  • Sparkle & Oomph

    08/05/2017, Jamuna Pai
    I am always in a rush to reach work on time and often apply make-up on the bus or in a train. Will my make up get contam...
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  • No Ifs, Only Butts

    02/03/2017, Jamuna Pai
    I am a 40-year-old woman working in an international company. I have wrinkles on my hands, which make them look rough an...
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  • Youthful Charm

    31/01/2017, Jamuna Pai
    Permanent make-up seems to be quite popular these days. Please elaborate on the procedure. Can one change the make-up to...
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  • Skincare Guide

    31/12/2016, Jamuna Pai
    As we gear up to ring in the New Year, how about paying some attention to our skin and make some healthy resolutions kee...
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MJ Akbar

  • Mission Possible

    02/09/2017, M J Akbar
    On February 15 this year, Isro placed 104 satellites into orbit using only a single launch of one vehicle, PSLV-C37. The...
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  • No Time To Waste

    30/06/2017, M J Akbar
    Everyone knows, as the old gag puts it, that half the time in government is wasted, but no one knows which half. Indian ...
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  • Freedom From Filth

    31/05/2017, M J Akbar
    More than two decades have passed, but the memory of a conversation with a very senior leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami Kas...
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  • Vote For Progress

    08/05/2017, M J Akbar
    Blood, famously, has no religion. Poverty goes a step further: it has neither caste nor creed. What separates haves from...
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  • Life In A Light Bulb

    01/04/2017, M J Akbar
    Khushwant Singh was never a journalist’s journalist; he was an author’s journalist. He brought the narrative sweep of an...
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  • The Indian Is No Longer Alone

    02/03/2017, M J Akbar
    Why did Mahatma Gandhi make non-violence a non-negotiable requirement of the mass movement that won us our freedom? You ...
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Ashali Varma

  • Victims!

    30/06/2017, Ashali Varma
    Once again there has been a terror attack at a concert. This one in Manchester, United Kingdom. A suicide bomber killed ...
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  • Terror In Kashmir

    31/05/2017, Ashali Varma
    In the US, a book that is doing the rounds, should be of great interest to our intelligence agencies. “Call for Transnat...
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  • Valley Of Fear

    08/05/2017, Ashali Varma
    The news from around the world is grim. Sweden, UK, and Egypt have suffered terror attacks. Jammu and Kashmir is witness...
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  • Cheque, Mate, So Long, Black Money

    02/03/2017, Ashali Varma
    We came back after a 20-year stint abroad to India and the first thing one heard was how much by cheque and how much in ...
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  • Is China Supporting Terrorism?

    31/01/2017, Ashali Varma
    The Chinese Dragon has always been viewed with some trepidation ever since the Korean War. I have read many books writte...
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  • Taking Notes

    31/12/2016, Ashali Varma
    On November 8, 2016, two significant events took place. In the US, where I was, Donald Trump was elected as President an...
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S B S Surendran

  • Spiritual Cleansing

    30/06/2017, S B S Surendran
    Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement and design used to balance and enhance the energy flow in living environments....
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  • Harmony In Space & Life

    31/05/2017, S B S Surendran
    The science of Vaastu that originated in India dates back to over 5000 years and has been the essence of many ancient st...
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  • Creating Beneficial Spaces

    08/05/2017, S B S Surendran
    Adapting the science of Vaastu or Feng Shui from the inception of a project can prevent costly mistakes. By incorporatin...
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  • Empowering Women

    02/03/2017, S B S Surendran
    The International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time on March 19, 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switz...
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  • Plot Luck

    31/01/2017, S B S Surendran
    To ensure that a space is filled with good energy and is vibrantthe living space has to be balanced and it must have the...
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  • How The Cock Will Crow

    31/12/2016, S B S Surendran
    The Year 2017 is year known as The Year of the Yin Fire Metal Rooster – DING YOU. Rooster is the 10th animal in the 12 C...
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Barkha 'N' Sonzal

  • Romance Your Wardrobe

    11/07/2014, Barkha 'N' Sonzal
    Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re going out of town or planning for a co...
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  • Flatter Your Figure

    11/07/2014, Barkha 'N' Sonzal
    Singer and television personality Nicole Scherzinger once said,“It’s important for a woman to feel good in her clothes. ...
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  • Trend Watch

    09/07/2014, Barkha 'N' Sonzal
    WOMEN Q. Cropped tops are hot this summer, but not everybody can wear them. Please giveus tips on how this style can be ...
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Shobhaa De

  • India@70

    02/09/2017, Shobhaa De
    Let’s start with what happened at a madrassa on Independence Day this year. Little boys and girls, neatly dressed and ho...
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  • Ps & Bs Of Procreation

    30/06/2017, Shobhaa De
    Yes. The heat is on. And the heat is getting to a lot of us. Like that darling former High Court judge from Rajasthan wh...
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  • What’s With Our Youth!

    31/05/2017, Shobhaa De
    He came. He sang. He didn’t conquer. A popular comic made khichdi of the Brat Boy of Pop. Which was most unfair — to the...
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  • Holy Cow?

    08/05/2017, Shobhaa De
    Go on... call me a “cow”. I’ll accept that as a compliment. Seriously. Millions of women across India are happy to be co...
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  • Bollywood, Modi And The Donald

    02/03/2017, Shobhaa De
    I watched two Bollywood blockbusters, Kaabil and Raees, back to back last week. If one overlooks the gratuitous violence...
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  • Love In The Time Of Scoops

    31/01/2017, Shobhaa De
    Just as 2016 was winding down and the overall mood was pretty gloomy (Narendra Modi was still playing Marie Antoinette a...
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