Debashis Chatterjee

  • A Gurukul For Gurus

    12/10/2018, Debashis Chatterjee
    We all owe it to them – this fast vanishing breed, we call gurus. I am not talking about the ones that show up on televi...
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  • Is Competition A New Name For Envy?

    11/05/2018, Debashis Chatterjee
    Envy has a new mask. Let us call it competition. The competitive instinct starts with such harmless thoughts as ‘What ab...
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  • Sleeping With Your Ego

    20/04/2018, Debashis Chatterjee
    Yours truly finds the phenomenon called the ego enchanting. Like many of you, one finds it fascinating when a television...
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  • Basic Instinct

    11/12/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    Our basic instinct is to be joyful—“to be happy as hell”, my friend Sadanand would remark. “Even hell ought to be a reas...
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  • Durga: No-body In Billion Bodies!

    01/11/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    One of the great illusions of our life is this: we believe that there is a single unique person within us. We are not a ...
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  • Toxic Boss, Sick Company: A Clinic For Leaders

    03/10/2017, Debashis Chatterjee
    One Buddha and a billion buddhus! One visionary and a million cataract patients. One Baba followed by resounding Baa Baa...
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Jamuna Pai

  • Festive Glam!

    12/10/2018, Jamuna Pai
    Q: With the onset of the festive season, what kind of skin care regime would you advice for different types of skin type...
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  • Let It Glow!

    12/10/2018, Jamuna Pai
    Q. We all enjoy taking bubble baths, especially children. Does this harm the skin in any way? What are some of the preca...
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  • Out, Damned Spot!

    17/07/2018, Jamuna Pai
    I am in my late forties and have noticed sudden age spots. How can I fight them? The age spots could be Melasma (pigment...
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  • Shine On!

    11/05/2018, Jamuna Pai
    I am 21 years old and I have recently noticed dark spots on my skin. What should I do about them? The dark spots that yo...
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  • Shedding Light

    20/04/2018, Jamuna Pai
    Q. Pigmentation is a common problem among young women. What is the best way to treat this? Hyperpigmentation occurs ...
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  • Get The Perfect Arch!

    11/12/2017, Jamuna Pai
    Recently I read about eyebrow transplant and how it is a good solution to rectify the problem of thinning brows.  Could ...
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MJ Akbar

  • Turbulence In The Sky

    12/10/2018, M J Akbar
    The best antidote to nonsense is surely common sense. Check this out on the Common Sense Index. The total cost of the 36...
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  • Unite And Serve

    11/05/2018, M J Akbar
    It is unsurprising that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is an avowed disciple of Swami Vivekananda, should have placed...
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  • Understand The Poor To Understand This Budget

    20/04/2018, MJ Akbar
    It requires deep reserves of contempt for the poor to dismiss a man who sells savouries on the roadside as nothing more ...
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  • Modi’s Mission 2022

    11/12/2017, M J Akbar
    Reform has become the trope of our times. After nearly a quarter-century of hop, side-step and crawl, the Indian economy...
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  • Dynasties Kill Democracy

    01/11/2017, M J Akbar
    A Freudian slip is not quite a slip; it is, more accurately, a freeze-frame  image of a person’s unexpressed beliefs. Th...
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  • Big Bose

    03/10/2017, M J Akbar
    Subhash Chandra Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru were too similar to cooperate beyond a point, for there was only one place at ...
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Ashali Varma

  • On A Sticky Wicket

    12/10/2018, Ashali Varma
    I watch some channels of Pakistani News to get to know what is happening there and the scary thing is no one really know...
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  • Why Is The Opposition Crying Foul?

    11/12/2017, Ashali Varma
    Do we deserve democracy? This is a question that Indians must seriously debate, especially when the governing party is t...
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  • Jihadis And The Rohingyas

    01/11/2017, Ashali Varma
    When we see the plight of the Rohingya refugees, we are naturally concerned for them. But what do we really know about t...
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  • Giant Threat

    03/10/2017, Ashali Varma
    As we celebrate the stunning work done by the Ministry of External Affairs and Ajit Doval which – together with Prime Mi...
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  • Victims!

    30/06/2017, Ashali Varma
    Once again there has been a terror attack at a concert. This one in Manchester, United Kingdom. A suicide bomber killed ...
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  • Terror In Kashmir

    31/05/2017, Ashali Varma
    In the US, a book that is doing the rounds, should be of great interest to our intelligence agencies. “Call for Transnat...
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S B S Surendran

  • Light Up Your Homes

    12/10/2018, S B S Surendran
    Feng Shui can be adapted not just for design, construction or renovating a building but also on special occasions like f...
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  • Motivation & Success

    12/10/2018, S B S Surendran
    In the science of Vaastu and Feng Shui, it is said that each of the compass directions represents one of the many import...
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  • A Matter of Grave Importance

    18/07/2018, SBS Surendran
    Vaastu and Feng Shui lay down practical guidelines that enable you to select good property and property whose “chi” is n...
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  • Bagging Wealth

    11/05/2018, S B S Surendran
    Prosperity and happiness have a subtle link to our wealth. Although many would say that wealth is not important and happ...
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  • Money Garden For Abundance

    16/04/2018, S B S Surendran
    Who does not want to activate the wealth luck?There are many ways one can tap into the wealth luck energy. Most often it...
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  • For Good Neighbours

    11/12/2017, S B S Surendran
    Creating happiness and harmony is the primary reason for using feng shui. Happiness and harmony at home or workplace is ...
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Barkha 'N' Sonzal

  • Romance Your Wardrobe

    11/07/2014, Barkha 'N' Sonzal
    Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re going out of town or planning for a co...
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  • Flatter Your Figure

    11/07/2014, Barkha 'N' Sonzal
    Singer and television personality Nicole Scherzinger once said,“It’s important for a woman to feel good in her clothes. ...
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  • Trend Watch

    09/07/2014, Barkha 'N' Sonzal
    WOMEN Q. Cropped tops are hot this summer, but not everybody can wear them. Please giveus tips on how this style can be...
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Shobhaa De

  • The Final Outburst

    12/10/2018, Shobhaa De
    This is the kind of story that demands taking a position. It is difficult to stay ‘neutral’ about the Serena Williams’ m...
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  • An Intimate Affair

    11/05/2018, Shobhaa De
    It’s official. The days of the big, fat Indian wedding are declared over. Khatam! Says who? Ummm. Says Bollywood. And on...
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  • Jai Kisan!

    20/04/2018, Shobhaa De
    The farmer’s in the den – hey O, the cherry O, the farmer’s in the den... India’s oppressed and shabbily treated farmers...
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  • Will Bollywood Boot Out Sexual Predators?

    11/12/2017, Shobhaa De
    Kevin Spacey, aged 58, is an extraordinary actor. Let nobody take that away from him. He is also a huge money-spinner fo...
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  • Casting Couch

    01/11/2017, Shobhaa De
    Bollywood is always in search of a great big Diwali dhamaka. I am hoping this year will provide a big bang! Come on, al...
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  • One Gauri Is Bigger Than A Thousand Bigots

    03/10/2017, Shobhaa De
    One did not have to know Gauri personally to admire her. One already ‘knew’ her. In the best way one can know strangers ...
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