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A Winning Spirit

A man is known by the company he keeps, goes the old saying. Rajan Menon’s long association with Scotch whiskey makes him, possibly, Singapore’s number one authority on it 

12/31/2014 12:01:52 PM
written By : Shobha Tsering Bhalla Print

Although his face does not appear on billboards, onecould say RajanMenon is to the Scotch industry in Singapore what the Marlboro man on his horse is to the global cigarette industry.

The tall and burly 58-year-old Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard is the most easily recognised figure in the country’s leading club events and media gatherings where he is on first-name terms with all ranks – from the barman to top lawyers and political figures.

He recently received one of the whiskey industry’s highest accolades when he was made Keeper of the Quaich (see cup on right).

This was the culmination of his 24-year involvement in the  whiskey industry. His contribution to furthering the popularity of Scotch whiskey - Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet in particular – was honoured by the Keepers of the Quaich, an exclusive, international community of people recognised for their commitment to Scotch whiskey.

In November, Menon was inducted into the society at a ceremony at Blair Castle in Scotland, along with 45 other new members from 14 countries. There are currently 2,372 members from 86 countries.

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