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The Savage Subcontinent

You cannot kill a woman with a single stone; her brothers and father must have hit her repeatedly. People must have watched. Why did no one intervene?

7/14/2014 12:03:18 PM
written By : MJ Akbar Print

To be left speechless with horror is not a democratic response to barbarism. Democracy Women -depressedis nothing without a voice. There come moments when nothing less than a scream will serve.

The rape and hanging of two Dalit girls in Badaun, was a crime with dimensions far beyond individual perversion. There was casteism. The rapists and murderers were confident that the local police would provide protection; there is evidence about an attempt to cloak this horror by elements within police and administration.

We do not know how many rapes in Uttar Pradesh (UP) have been buried into silence by the shame of the victim, and the caste-cum-administrative power of assailants. Perhaps those of us who wander through our lives in the warmth of comfort-zone cocoons do not really want to know the ugly truth that simmers at so many levels of a nation where oppression has merely acquired a few more alibis in its search for contemporary disguise. But the valves of democracy will not permit this ugliness to sink under a shroud every time. There will be citizens who will protest loud enough for media to pick up and turn into a national, and perhaps international, wake-up call.

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